Tools of (and tricks to) the Trade


“I just recently separated from my wife and now she won’t let me have my personal belongings or tools I need for work. Is there an easy way to get them?’–L.D.

Good question, L.D.

If you are not legally divorced and the home is still owned or rented in both of your names, you are entitled to enter the residence. However, the best advice I can give is to call authorities to escort you there. You always want to protect yourself in these types of situations. The proper personnel can deescalate any angry situations. But most importantly, use the authorities as a reliable witness. Have the officer document exactly what you are removing from the premises so there are no questions, or allegations that you took a nonexistent 52″ tv, at a later date.


#callthecops #writethisdown #takealittlenote #canigetawitness


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