Friends on Facebook?

How to approach social media and divorce can be tricky. Let’s face it, social media likely plays a large role in all our lives.

Dads Divorce cites that social media plays a role in 90% of cases of divorce.

So does this mean you should remain friends on social media in an attempt at an amicable separation?

The key factor to consider is referred to as oversharing. What are you posting on social media? Distasteful photos or posts are likely going to act against you. So if you don’t want to delete those photos from your bachelor party, you may want to deny your soon to be ex (STBX) (and/or his or her friends and family) access to them. However, there are two sides to the coin. Remaining close on social media allows you access to your ex’s possible indiscretions.

So what’s the answer? Your best bet is to keep it PG when it comes to social media while you’re going through the divorce process, regardless if you remain friends. So if you can keep it tame, use it to your advantage. You never know what you might come across.


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